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Dra(w)bble Duel #3 is CLOSED for sumbissions and voting! :D

Prompt of the week: Friends & Family

How to Submit:
Post a comment to this post with your submission included, using this template:

Title: (if applicable)
Team: (Who you are submitting on behalf of, Team Ron or Team Draco)
Rating: (or warnings)
Dra(w)bble: (text of your drabble, or image tag of your drawble, or link to your art)

-Drabbles can be from 100 to 500 words in length
-Drawbles can be sketches, stickart, or finished pictures
-Multiple submissions per person are allowed
-Please see Rules before posting.

How to Vote:
Post a reply to the comment with the submission you are voting for. You must include the word VOTE either in the subject line or somewhere in your reply for it to count as a vote.

NOTE: ANYONE can vote, and ANYONE can submit an entry. :D

Last day for submissions is Friday, October 2nd! Voting ends midnight, Monday, October 5th! Check back at the comm on Monday for results. See this post for further details on Rules, Submission, Voting, and Scoring Info.

Sorry about the late posting! Remember, the score stands at 22 to 19, to Team Ron..
Tags: dra(w)bble duel, dra(w)bble duel #3
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