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06 October 2009 @ 01:00 pm
Dra(w)bble Duel #4 is OPEN! :D

Prompt of the week: Fight! Fight! Fight!

How to Submit:
Post a comment to this post with your submission included, using this template:

Title: (if applicable)
Team: (Who you are submitting on behalf of, Team Ron or Team Draco)
Rating: (or warnings)
Dra(w)bble: (text of your drabble, or image tag of your drawble, or link to your art)

-Drabbles can be from 100 to 500 words in length
-Drawbles can be sketches, stickart, or finished pictures
-Multiple submissions per person are allowed
-Please see Rules before posting.

How to Vote:
Post a reply to the comment with the submission you are voting for. You must include the word VOTE either in the subject line or somewhere in your reply for it to count as a vote.

NOTE: ANYONE can vote, and ANYONE can submit an entry. :D

Last day for submissions is Friday, October 9th! Voting ends midnight, Monday, October 12th! Check back at the comm on Monday for results. See this post for further details on Rules, Submission, Voting, and Scoring Info.

Remember, the score stands at 28 to 28, a tie!
WhatWldMrsweasleydo: tannerwwmrsweasleydo on October 8th, 2009 01:04 pm (UTC)
Title: A Letter from the Dark
Team: Ron
Rating/Warnings: Sad
Wordcount: 498
Prompt: Fight!Fight!Fight!
Disclaimer: I do not own any part of the Wizarding World.


Dear Ron Weasley,

I don't expect you will ever read this. Perhaps when I am dead it will be discovered amongst my possessions and forwarded to you. If that should happen then, I beg you, do not think too poorly of me for having written this down.

You did not come to school this year. At the welcoming feast I scanned the Great Hall, looking for the three of you. I kept expecting you to walk into lessons. I found myself, shockingly, missing you.

I missed the fighting. We used to taunt each other, wind each other up to exploding point. I wanted to watch your face turn red and sweaty, see your knuckles whiten round your wand, have flashing eyes bore into mine. Tension builds and I have nobody to relieve it on, nobody who can react the way you do. I want the warmth of your hand on my throat to remind me I'm alive.

Father has been freed from Azkaban. When I watch the way our Master treats him, I think he was safer there. Our home has been taken over. I long to escape to school, but that is now controlled by Death Eaters also, and is little better.

Here I am a slave, and a prisoner as much as Lovegood is. At least she isn't forced to torture people. I should be better at this. It is what I was bred for, trained for: to serve the Dark Lord. I can't stand the blood or the screams. You always said I was a coward.

It should be easy to kill Muggles, especially bound and weak and terrified. However, in spite of the lessons I learnt from babyhood, I find that it is not. I empathise. I'm afraid this is because of your friend Hermione. As much as I hate her – and believe me, I hate her more every year – I cannot deny that she is a person, with feelings, abilities and consciousness.

She is far more likely to survive this war than I am, will probably live into an old age, together with you, in a cosy home, wasting mundane days on domesticity. This is why I hate her. Because that is what I want for myself.

After Crucio, when I lie aching and weak on a stone floor, my mind curls into itself and I picture a happy place. There is a fire, music, softness, warmth and you. As the pain retreats, I paint in details: kissing, laughter. You stroke my back. When I stop hurting, I can think of going further, of our bodies moving together, touching in every place, grinding, thrusting, teasing each other up to exploding point.

I expect to die here, in the place which was once my home, at the hands of the Lord I have been raised to adore. I hope you live. I hope you will be happy and that sometimes you may think of me, perhaps occasionally without hatred,


Draco Malfoy
soft twig boysexyscholar on October 8th, 2009 02:05 pm (UTC)
Jesus. You made me cry.

This is beautiful.

It's writing like this that makes me wonder what the hell I'm doing even trying. This is just so perfect.

Edited at 2009-10-08 02:06 pm (UTC)
WhatWldMrsweasleydo: tannerwwmrsweasleydo on October 8th, 2009 02:55 pm (UTC)
Whattyatalkinabout? You writes such hot pron my mind mushes! Now that's what descriptive writing is for!

Thank you very much. I am so happy that I made you cry (if you see what I mean?) 'Perfect'. That's the best review I could get, isn't it?

Now you write more sexy fighting y/y?

p.s recognise my icon?
soft twig boy: Random: Gabriel/Jedsexyscholar on October 8th, 2009 03:29 pm (UTC)
It's wonderful. And so very Draco to write it all down in a letter that Ron may never see...and even if he does, he can't confront Draco and *do* something about it.

It's gorgeous and tragic and I adore it.

You writes such hot pron my mind mushes!

THANK YOU! It might be nice to write something *other* than smutty smut every now and then, though. But that's what comes to me, so I suppose I should just leave it be. :p

Now you write more sexy fighting y/y?

I'll see what I can do. ;)

p.s recognise my icon?

Is...is that TANNER? :FLAILS:


Does my icon look familiar? (Hint: follow the butterfiles...)
WhatWldMrsweasleydo: tannerwwmrsweasleydo on October 8th, 2009 04:06 pm (UTC)
That would be a nice pairing, wouldn't it? Jed/Tanner. It exists only in my head, though. Probably.
soft twig boy: Random: Gabriel/Jedsexyscholar on October 8th, 2009 05:12 pm (UTC)


With Jed bottoming...because from what I understand, that's his preference.

(btw, I'm trying to procure some more of his stuff. There's even a solo. fdkfjaklja)
WhatWldMrsweasleydo: tannerwwmrsweasleydo on October 8th, 2009 10:29 pm (UTC)
But Tanner is so gifted. And he has those legs! Meanwhile, he looks so wholesome. I think it's that contrast that really does me in.
hull1984: Fire&Ice2hull1984 on October 9th, 2009 08:25 am (UTC)
Oh this broke my heart. I love the idea - letters from his prison-home, and you executed it beautifully.

I'd love to see this extended, perhaps Ron finding/being sent the letter by a third party etc...

*off to daydream*
WhatWldMrsweasleydowwmrsweasleydo on October 9th, 2009 10:48 am (UTC)
Thank you!

Feel free to continue this story yourself, though I'll see how my muse is in future weeks' duels!
Sir Pantsmamalaz on October 9th, 2009 07:52 pm (UTC)
So sad. So touching. So awesome. :D
WhatWldMrsweasleydo: dracowwmrsweasleydo on October 11th, 2009 04:11 pm (UTC)
SeraphimeRisingseraphimerising on October 10th, 2009 08:42 pm (UTC)
WhatWldMrsweasleydo: ronwwmrsweasleydo on October 11th, 2009 04:12 pm (UTC)
Re: Vote
Well, isn't that unusual?

Thanks, babe!