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The Ron/Draco Ficadron

Which Side Do You Bat For?

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Team Ron or Team Draco? The Real Question is - Which Side do You Bat for?

'say that again,' ron said, his face as red as his hair.
'oh, you're going to fight us, are you?' malfoy sneered.


Yes, a Ficadron! A fiction and art exchange wherein Team Ron and Team Draco battle it out to see who is really top dog in Ron/Draco.


We will send a prompt to two participants working in the same medium - one on Team Ron, the other on Team Draco. They interpret the prompt in their own way, send their work to us and we will post both submissions together on the ficadron community for a head-to-head public vote.

From November, we will begin posting the two submissions for each prompt; one prompt every other day.


November 29 ¤¤ Round One: 'Ice' (Teammate Ron A vs Teammate Draco A)
December 1st ¤¤ Round Two: 'Fury' (Teammate Ron B vs Teammate Draco B)
December 3rd ¤¤ Round Three: 'Comfort' (Teammate Ron C vs Teammate Draco C) and so on.

These will be posted on the ficadron community, where voters can read/view the submissions of both teams and vote for their favorite.

Submissions will be posted without Team or Author names so that the work will be judged only by merit.


Join the group and sign up at this post, specifying who you want to play for and what medium (fic/art) you prefer to submit.


Two journals have also been created for the teammates to socialise and discuss anything related to the fest and Ron/Draco:



August 1 - Sign ups begin and last until August 25, so we can ensure we have as many competitors as we can.

Sept 1 - Teams will be confirmed and prompts will be sent. (If one boy has too many teammates, please bear in mind that we may ask [beg!] some of you to swap from your first choice, to even out numbers.)

Nov 15 - The deadline for the submissions, which we will ask you to email to the mods with the prompt, rating, word count and any warnings.

Nov 29 - The head-to-heads begin!


* Your fic/art must include your Team boy. We greatly encourage a heavy dose of both boys in your work but don't forget who you're fighting for! You can write from your boy's point of view or heavily include them in your fic/art - it is entirely up to you. (thanks to entrenous88)

* As much as the boys like fighting, this is still a Ron/Draco slash fest. Pre-slash is perfectly acceptable but we are all united by how delicious they are together. So please, no submissions that have nothing to do with their romantic relationship.

* Stories must be at least 1,000 words long. There is no word limit. (thanks to slash_gypsy04)

* Stories and art must follow the prompt you will be provided.

* All ratings are allowed. (thanks to hamimifk)

* We shouldn't have to say it, but when voting begins, do not vote for your own submission.

* Art must be submitted in either jpg, png or gif form. The bigger the dimensions, the better! (thanks to icanhaspancake)



Amazing artwork by the_gwyllion. Layout by tuff_ghost.


If you have questions, feel free to message mamalaz, sexyscholar or wellington or email us here! We won't bite. Hard. ;)

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